The Role of Physical Therapy in Improving Quality of Life

Physical therapy, or PT, addresses the care of injured and sick people. It also includes rehabilitation of injured body parts. PT is included in the major sections of medicine and nursing, along with occupational therapy. PT is an abbreviation for physical therapy.

The job of physical therapy is to relieve pain and improve physical function, while addressing conditions that may have resulted in the injury. Physical therapists are involved in treating most types of injuries, to patients including acute and chronic pain, paralysis, bone fractures, sprains, ligament sprains, sports injuries, strains, adhesions, neurological disorders, fractures, and birth injuries. Physical therapy also includes pediatric physical therapy to help parents and children recover from life-threatening or traumatic injuries. Read details from this resource.

Orthopedic physical therapy includes diagnostic procedures, treatments, and post-operative instructions used in procedures aimed at reducing disability due to physical illness. Orthopedic physical therapists provide diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation to manage problems associated with musculoskeletal disorders and physical deformities. PT's in a holistic health care approach focus on wellness, pain management, preventive health care, sports performance enhancement, and wound care. Manual therapy involves the use of pressure, weights, and other manual tools that apply to the bones and muscles and help repair them. A physical therapist may also utilize electric tools, therapeutic devices, splints, braces, traction devices, and ultrasonic devices. Read further at

PT evaluate and monitor the healing progress of patients. They provide guidance and recommendations in pain management, perform muscle testing, recommend exercises, prescribe medications, and monitor organ functions such as blood pressure, pulse, and temperature. The physical therapist will recommend which courses of action are most appropriate for your injury and skill level. They coordinate stretching and strength training programs with the patient and other medical providers.

PT from the chiropractor provo utah perform specialized exercises for acute injuries or conditions such as fractures, herniated discs, sprains, and sprained ankles. They can also prescribe exercises for chronic conditions such as arthritis and osteoarthritis. A physical therapist can perform a wide range of exercises, use different methods to stretch, pull, push, twist, and lift muscles and joints. For many injuries and conditions, the patient is advised to rest after an exercise session, but they can resume exercises several days after the program is over. Some PT's use massage and ultrasound therapies in addition to exercise techniques. These additional treatments increase the effectiveness of PT work and promote the overall health and healing process.

Physical therapy offers a variety of benefits to individuals who have suffered a physical limitation. Many people in the united states suffer from some type of physical limitation, be it a physical injury, illness, or disease. A physical therapist can help these individuals regain their ability to participate in their daily lives. Physical therapy is considered a specialty by most healthcare providers, but it is not mandatory in every health care setting. You should contact your doctor to determine if physical therapy is right for you.

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